Sindhi High School Alumni Association

Kumara Krupa Road

Ashrit Harith, Class of 2007-08
Vinod Manohar, class of 2006-07
Srilakshmi Vijay, Class of 2001-02
Pramod Prafulchand, class of 1992 - 93
Virti Sheth, class of 2016-17
Dr. Tejaswini Deepak, class of 1987-88
Aditi Gurjer, Class of  2012-13
Rohit Menda, class of 2013
Rinal Sanghvi, class of 2016 - 17

The Alumni

Learn, Earn and Return :  Our Mantra

What motivates old students like us to be connected to our Alma Mater ? Right from the first batch of 1988 to the recent ones, Ex-Sindhians have expressed their passion to be a part of the Old students  association, which has gained recognition and repute.  Well, the answer is : Mantra of 'Learn , Earn and Return.' It is self explanatory . As students, we gain knowledge and education from our Alma Mater.  Later we shape our lives based on the careers we choose. Both of these point towards the phase of -  Learn and Earn .  But the most important and crucial one is the 'Return' Phase where self-motivated and socially responsible people like to contribute in their way towards all those who have helped them nurture and nourish their lives. And for most of us, 'School ' tops the list. Simply because childhood memories and life's basic foundation begins and take shape in the school corridors, playgrounds and classrooms.

As old students of Sindhi High School KK Road, we too nurtured this passion of expressing our gratitude towards our Alma Mater. Thus the concept and intention of having an old students association took shape. It was in the year 2014 that SHS Alumni Association K.K Road was officially launched. It was a baby-step for the  old students of Sindhi High School K.K Road in coming together on a common platform, but a huge leap in formation of the Alumni Association. With the laudable support from the school and due motivation from the school management committee, the Alumni Association has gained strength and confidence in its existence. Each year, it has grown from strength to strength in terms of the member strength and successful events. With the inspiration of school teachers and the Managing Committee, Association has in its short span of inception organized seven career counselling Sessions for the tenth standard students. Three seasons of fun-filled Carnivals has given amazing momentum to the association's popularity . Not to forget Gravity - A Reunion for the graduated students was organized to mark its inauguration. The feedback and response to these events have been positive and encouraging.


What's New

InSight Career Counseling

To provide the 10th graders an outlook on the numerous careers fields available a career guidance program is conducted every year - InSight. The event is conducted in two sessions. The first session being a ‘Pre - Counseling’ which provides information regarding the schools and colleges which provide the particular stream course


Upcoming Events

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Alumni Association President's Address

Dear Alumni,

I am honoured by the opportunity to serve as the president of Sindhi High School, Kumara Krupa Road Alumni Association. The association has always aimed at bringing all the graduated students from SHS K.K. Road under one umbrella. It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to this networking website which aims at bringing us all close virtually. 

The association’s aim is to reconnect with our alma mater and build a continued interest among the current students of Sindhi High School, Kumara Krupa Road to join the Alumni Association. The only way an association can run successfully is when it’s members attend all the events and are connected with each other. In the next couple of years our goal is to serve you with great events to build a bigger network and take you down memory lane of the glorious days from our school life. All of this would be possible if we have your support. 

This website is a way for us to get to know each other better, update ourselves about the events and share each other's stories. We, as a team urge you to become a member so that you can explore the website to its fullest and engage with us! 

We have a committee with so much talent, dedication and creativity which is always up for any task for the alumni association and your interests. Feel free to connect with us and give us your share of inputs as well! 

Let’s go, Sindhians!

Kunal K Kalra, 


Sindhi High School, Kumara Krupa Road. 

Alumni Association.


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