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Most of us might have been told that the journey post 10th grade is going to change our lives and we need to make the right decisions to make our lives better. A major part of the decision making is played by the educational streams and career choices we make.

To provide the 10th graders an outlook on the numerous careers fields available a career guidance program is conducted every year - InSight. The event is conducted in two sessions. The first session being a ‘Pre - Counseling’ which provides information regarding the schools and colleges which provide the particular stream course.

The second session is when we call people from our pool of talented alumni! The speakers come from various fields of careers and let the students know about what their field of career means, what it has to offer and what stream one have to choose to pursue the particular career.

Every year the event is conducted within the school premises but due to the current pandemic the 7th Edition was conducted on the online mode. The event is for the students’ parents as well.. The parents are given an opportunity to speak about their field of careers as well.

The InSight Program has been running successfully for 7 years and the idea of helping the students just gets bigger and better.

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