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Meet our Alumni

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Aditi Gurjer

Class of 2012-13

School will always be that place that nurtured me, boost up my confidence and moulded me into what I am and where I am today. Under the guidance and mentorship of some very lovely, caring and encouraging teachers, I went on to pursue my aspirations of becoming a lawyer after graduating from school. It is and will always be that stepping stone that helped me shape my journey through life.

Ashrit Harith

Class of 2007-08

School is always dear to one’s heart. It is in every aspect - a second home. I can say with absolute confidence that my school has a major share in my wholesome development as a responsible individual. The alumni is a channel to give back to such an esteemed institution and stay connected to all dear ones.

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Vinod Manohar

Class of 2006-07

Amazing journey of 40+ years of selfless service the institution has been imparting value based education and enlightening young minds to become responsible citizens and help them strive for excellence in their fields. Truly epitomising our motto - From darkness unto light. Proud alumni of the institution

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